Which cat travel crate should I choose? The guide

By | December 19, 2022

For your cat’s comfort, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a cat carrier.

The size of the carrier

For your cat to feel comfortable and to be able to move around and not get numb, you need a carrier that’s appropriate for her size. Make sure your cat can easily sit, lie down in a sphinx position, stand up and curl up in a ball. Choose a carrier that’s large enough if your cat is big. But if your cat is small, choose a carrier that is adapted to its size.

The material and composition of the bag

The many models of cat carriers give you the option of choosing from plastic or fabric materials or natural fibers like wicker. But whatever your preference, you should make sure that the model you choose is easy to maintain. It is not uncommon for cats, stressed by confinement and travel, to relieve themselves in the box. That’s why it’s important to choose a washable material and a design that is easy to maintain.

Choice of opening/closing system

Because a cat will always rebel at the idea of being locked up in a box, it’s best to choose a model with a safe and quick closing system. You can choose between models with a top or side opening. The important thing is that the lock does not allow the cat to run away at the slightest touch.

Practicality and comfort of use

Prefer models that are easy to carry, there are models with a shoulder strap, while others are equipped with handles. Some can be carried like a backpack. Choose your model according to the mode of transport. For those who have to walk a relatively long distance, the shoulder carry case and carry bag are more practical. For a car trip, a crate with a handle offers more security, with the ability to loop the belt through the handle.

Secure the transport of your animals

Choosing a carrier means offering security to your cat while you are transporting it. In fact, these items are perfectly designed to promote comfort as well. Most cat carriers, especially those approved for long plane and car trips, are often equipped with a bowl for kibble or cat food and also a litter box, so your kitty will feel comfortable.

To ensure that the cat can breathe normally, most carriers are designed to allow for continuous ventilation. The best models have plenty of ventilation holes on all sides except the bottom.

The material used to make the carrier also contributes to the comfort and safety of your little friend. While plastic carriers are very practical in terms of maintenance, those made of fabric or leather are more comfortable.

Carrying case: what shape, what size?

Let’s remember that the comfort of your little companion is very important during his trip or during a short trip. For this reason, the designers are ingenious to ensure that the shape and size of the models can ensure the well-being of your little feline. It is important that he can put himself in all the positions typical of cats: in a ball, sitting in a sphinx position, on his paws, etc.

Even if the choice of shape is often a question of taste and practicality, the size of your feline is a determining factor. You can choose between a classic carrier, a folding carrier, a round carrier, a basket carrier or even a bird cage.

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