Which cat collar to choose?

By | December 19, 2022

To avoid losing your cat, it is advisable to buy a cat collar. This solution is often unavoidable. Depending on the choice of the collar, it can identify the animal, write the owner’s details on it or even locate it in real time if the cat is lost. The collar is also the right solution to ensure that no one will believe that the cat is abandoned. In short, it is a reassuring and indispensable object to keep an eye on your cat.

How to choose your cat collar?

To choose your cat collar, you must take into account different criteria. The first of all is the aesthetic criteria. It is essential that you like the color, shape and design of your cat’s collar. The second criterion is that your cat’s collar should have an emergency release. This will prevent him from strangling himself during his walks, if he gets caught on a tree branch or a fence for example.

The different types of cat collars

The fancy collar

The first purpose of the fancy cat collar is aesthetic. Brands are bursting with imagination to offer you collars that are each more beautiful than the last. Choose from a wide range of colors, shapes and patterns, and find a collar that matches your pet’s coat. Some fancy collars even come with a bell, which is a must if you want to know where your cat is when he’s walking around your home.

Harness and leash

Do you dream of walking your cat on a leash? More and more cat owners are taking the plunge. The leash is a good way to walk your cat safely, especially during the cat’s heat.  You will find many brands offering harnesses with leashes. The harness fits your pet’s body type, so you can walk your cat without the risk of losing his collar. The harness also has the advantage of not putting any pressure on your pet’s neck, which is a real plus if your pet tends to pull during walks.

The identification collar

If you want to buy a collar for your cat so that you can find him if he gets lost, it’s the ID collar that you should buy. This collar comes in many forms. You can either buy a fancy collar and a medal, or buy a collar and have it engraved. The information to be indicated is generally the address and the phone number of the owner. In addition to the chip, this information will allow anyone who finds your cat to contact you.

The digital collar

Thanks to new technologies, you can now know where your cat is in real time. Some of these collars are equipped with a GPS beacon that allows you to follow your cat’s itinerary in real time, while others are equipped with a digital camera that broadcasts your pet’s route as it sees it. The camera collar has a dual role: a fun role that offers you the opportunity to see life through your cat’s eyes, and a practical role that allows you to know exactly where your companion is.

Our tips for choosing your cat collar

To choose the right cat collar, you’ll need to consider your cat’s size and habits. Does your cat stay indoors? A fancy collar should be enough! Choose a model with beads or patterns adapted to the cat’s coat for maximum aesthetic appeal. Your cat is used to going outside? Choose a harness with a leash if you’re afraid to let your cat run free or when raising your kitten, or an identification collar so that your cat can find its home if it gets lost.  Finally, to combine the fun and practical side of the collar, we can only advise you to opt for a digital collar with GPS, to know the position of your cat in real time, or with a camera to see life at its height.

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