Top 10 most cuddly and affectionate kitty breeds

By | December 19, 2022

When the time comes to adopt a cat, many families are hesitant about the choice of breed. Getting a docile cat that doesn’t mind being pampered is very welcome, especially when you have young children. And in this area, not all cats are equal. It’s best to learn about the characteristics of the different breeds of cats beforehand. Here are the ten most cuddly and affectionate cats.

The Ragdoll

This ball of fur is aptly named for its English name, which means “rag doll”. This cat is considered by many connoisseurs to be the most cuddly of all. He could spend his life in his master’s arms where he is totally at ease. He loves hugs, kisses and petting of all kinds.

Of an absolute beauty, it has a semi-long fur, very provided, soft and silky. When the kitten is born, the coat is immaculate then it becomes colored from the 3rd month to become either bicolored, colorpoint or mitted. He has big oval eyes, intensely blue, and his look is of an incredible tenderness. He is very easy to live with, extremely sociable but does not like solitude.

The Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin cat, straight from the United States, is a ball of love. He is extremely attached to his master… and endearing. He loves to be pampered and never has enough cuddles. He is very fond of children with whom he gets along wonderfully, and humans in general whose company he seeks. He is also very playful, which is very pleasant for all the members of the family who can enjoy this interactivity on a daily basis.

This splendid cat with long and silky fur easy to untangle is classified as a “dog cat”. It is necessary to count around 1 000 € to offer itself a Ragamuffin.

The Main Coon

Admirable with its semi-long coat, well furnished all over its body and even more on its chest, the Main Coon is native of Maine (USA). He is the representative of the oldest breed of cats (natural, of course) in the northern United States. Impressive with its 14 to 15kg at the adult age, the Main Coon is a real cream. Soft, affectionate, he loves to be petted and to be cared for at all times. His temperance is amazing and his great elegance does not go unnoticed. It is an excellent companion for the children because of its patience with any test. And patience is needed because each untangling session lasts a long time due to the ease with which his beautiful fur forms multiple knots.

A Main Coon costs at least 1 200 €.

The Persian Chinchilla

A cross between two Persian cats (Smoke and Sylver tabby), the Persian Chinchilla was created in 1880. It has a white coat (it is called sylver because of its silver reflections) or sometimes golden (which means golden), long, thick and very soft. Its splendid eyes, very expressive, of a hallucinating green, are entirely hemmed with black as if they were underlined with kohl. It is one of the rare Persian cats that does not have a crushed nose.

The Persian cat Chinchilla keeps his playful temperament throughout his life but is also very cuddly and very kind to children and adults. He knows how to stay alone and calm if his owners get him used to solitude while they are at work. When they return, the cat is usually very demonstrative, redoubling signs of affection.

A Persian Chinchilla costs between 1 000 and 1 300 €.

The Manx

Also known as the Isle of Man cat, this tailless cat – or sometimes with a semblance of a tail – is very docile. It gets along with all humans, from the youngest to the oldest, is sociable, gentle and affectionate. This “dog cat” is very protective of his master, who he follows step by step, and likes to spend hours being cuddled on a chair. He hates solitude, so it is preferable to make sure that he can have a playmate if you adopt a Manx and work from morning to night. He gets along well with his fellow dogs but also with dogs that can tolerate cats.

The Manx costs between 600 and 800 €.

The Devon rex

This cat is rare. It has huge eyes, large ears, a flat and wide skull, prominent cheekbones and a short and soft curly coat. He deserves to be known as he is very loyal, faithful, intelligent, playful and affectionate. He loves to cuddle and has a deep relationship with his master. He likes to share with him all the daily activities, from gardening to cooking, from cleaning to DIY. It is a cat perfectly adapted to families with children.

The price of a Devon rex is between 900 and 2 500 €.

The Egyptian Mau

This is a cat with a rare short-haired coat with brown or black spots, which gives it a wild animal look. Behind this appearance, he is on the contrary very cuddly and affectionate and likes to receive the attention of his masters. He cohabits well with the children of his foster family but remains rather distant with people he doesn’t know. He is active and playful.

The average price of an Egyptian Mau is 1 400 €.

The Sphynx

This cat from Canada is a naked cat since it has almost no hair. This particularity makes that it does not have only followers. Nevertheless, he is so affectionate that he can seem a little sticky to people who are rather distant. If he doesn’t like lounging on someone’s lap, he loves to get up on his master’s shoulders where he can spend hours, waiting for a caress and being interested in everything he does.

The Sphynx is a cat whose price can reach 1 300 €.

The Burmese Sacred

Also known as the Burmese, this cat is full of love for its owners. It is appreciated as much for its beauty as for its docility, its calm and its softness of character although it has a very rich personality, full of complexity. Its oval eyes are very large, of a piercing blue, and its semi-long fur is extremely silky. This cuddly and loyal cat loves children.

The Sacred Burmese costs around 900 €.

The Tonkinese

Also called the Tonkinese, this cat is a cross between the Burmese and the Siamese. Faithful, playful, it is a “dog cat” endowed with a great intelligence. This is why it is so curious. Very affectionate, the Tonkinese needs a lot of attention. It likes to live in a house as much as in an apartment, but it does not like to be alone. If its owners are at work all day, it is better that their cat can spend time with another Tonkinese.

The price of a Tonkinese is about 800 €.

Even though other cats are not known to be as affectionate as those mentioned above, they can be very cuddly to their owners if they receive a lot of affection. The education, the environment in which it grows, the attention that one carries to him are as many conditions which impact the character of a cat…

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