Tips for taking in a stray or abandoned cat

By | December 19, 2022

The vacations have begun for some, others are waiting impatiently for them… This time of the year which brings us so much joy, relaxation and pleasure takes on a whole new meaning for our animal friends. Indeed, as the summer season approaches, there is a peak in the number of abandoned animals, despite the many awareness campaigns conducted to combat this scourge. In USA, approximately 100,000 animals are abandoned each year, 60,000 of which are abandoned during the summer. Although there are no global national statistics on this subject, these figures remain alarming and the fight against abandonment is one of the spearheads of the SPA. A strategic approach based on individual awareness will probably have more impact than an attempt to make people feel guilty in order to change their behavior. Let’s hope that this change will start and consolidate very quickly.

What are the causes of animal abandonment and what can you do to collect an abandoned cat? You will find in this article some useful advice to accompany you and guide you in this process.

Causes of abandonment

There are many reasons why people abandon their pets: going on vacation, behavioral problems with the animal, family events (separation, divorce, death, etc.), moving, financial reasons, unwanted litters, etc. Alternatives, such as vacation care or home care, are however proposed to remedy this problem.

What to do if you find an abandoned cat?

Before you rush out and adopt the cat, follow these tips. First, make sure it is an abandoned cat and not a feral cat. The first thing to do is to check if it has a tattoo or microchip. If it is, take it to the veterinarian who will be able to determine the cat’s identity. At the same time, make a neighborhood inquiry and let people know that you have found a cat, as the owners are probably looking for it. Also, don’t hesitate to contact the city hall or to leave a notice in the neighborhood.

If the cat is injured, contact a humane society or shelter. Be careful because a fearful cat may become frightened and scratch you. Observe its general condition: does it look healthy or undernourished? You can give it some food to gently tame it.

The animal does not belong to anyone and you want to adopt it

If, after all your research, it turns out to be an abandoned cat, take the time to think about the decision to adopt it because you will have to assume all the responsibilities that this implies. Don’t take this decision lightly because it is not a trivial choice!

If you are ready to take this step and welcome this newcomer into your home, continue to tame him and have him examined quickly by a veterinarian as soon as he is allowed to approach you. The vet will probably advise you to vaccinate him if he’s over two months old. If necessary, the veterinarian can also prescribe an anti-parasite treatment. Finally, have your dog spayed or neutered and choose one of the two identification methods (microchip or tattoo).

What to do if it is a kitten ?

If you find a kitten, act quickly because its health is very fragile. First of all, try to determine its age in order to give it the best care. If the kitten is less than two months old, you will need to pay special attention to its health because kittens are vulnerable to many diseases.

Take the kitten to the veterinarian quickly to check the following points: temperature, hydration, parasite status… A kitten under three weeks old is unable to regulate its temperature on its own and you will have to keep it in a well heated room. A kitten’s energy and heat needs are very important. You’ll need to get kitten formula. Ask your veterinarian for advice if you are unsure. Finally, the cleanliness of the animal is also fundamental. You’ll need to rub the kitten’s lower belly with a damp cloth: without it, he won’t be able to relieve himself. Finally, wipe her whole body with a damp washcloth once a day.

You can’t keep the cat but you want to find a new home for it

You can’t take the cat in permanently, but you want to give it all the care it needs until it has a new home. Place ads and use your network to let people know that this cat is waiting for a new home! If you can’t find a new home, you can still give your cat to a shelter or an association.

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