The 10 cutest kitty breeds in the world. You won’t be able to adopt them all!

By | August 17, 2022

How many cat breeds can you name? At Coeur Coeur, the maximum was 10. Unlike dogs, we tend to divide cats into two categories: alley cats and pedigree cats. However, there are more than 60 species of cats in USa alone and this number is constantly evolving! Of course, each breed has its own characteristics and some are cuter than others. Discover a list of the 10 breeds of cats too cute that you will want to adopt at all costs.

10. The exotic shorthair

This too-cute short-haired cat has a calm and very gentle character. Far from being lazy, this cat breed loves to be active and spend time with its owner.
The exotic shorthair doesn’t meow much, tending to communicate more with its eyes and facial expressions than with its voice.
In addition to being adorable, this cat breed is easy to raise and does not require special attention. It is very easy to entertain, any toy will do, even if each cat has its own taste, the Exotic shorthair is not a picky eater.
Life span and weight of the Exotic shorthair
Life expectancy: 8 to 15 years
Weight: 3 to 8 kilos

9. The Chartreux

The Chartreux cat is certainly one of the oldest cat species. It is known that it was imported by the Templars from the East in the year 1000 but the exact origin is unknown.
This breed of cat, simple and refined, is enigmatic and very loyal to its family. It is very playful and loves to play with its masters. His favorite pastime? Staying at home and being as discreet as possible. The Chartreux, unlike other breeds that we have presented, is not invasive.
Life span and weight of the Chartreux
Lifespan of the Chartreux : up to 20 years
Weight : 4 to 8 kg

8. The Birman (Sacred of Burma)

Located halfway between the Persian and the Siamese, the Birman is distinguished by its beautiful white fur, its gray head and its blue eyes.
Gentle and kind, the Birman is a faithful cat and close to his master. It enjoys hanging out with you without demanding a lot of attention. Although sometimes lazy, the Birman enjoys playing with other pets (even if it’s a dog!)
The Burmese also has an adventurous spirit: it likes to discover the space in which it lives and find peaceful corners where no one will bother it.
Lifespan and weight of the Birman
Lifespan : Up to 16 years
Weight: from 3,5 to 7,5 kilos

7. The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat species in existence. The Maine Coon is up to 1 meter long, sometimes more! Despite its impressive appearance, it remains very cute and is very reassuring.
With its size, the Maine Coon is completely autonomous. Thanks to its developed predatory instinct, the Maine Coon is an excellent hunter and will prove it to you very quickly. This species of cat is characterized as a country cat: ideal for cleaning basements and attics.
Today, the Maine Coon breed is not as present as it used to be since it has been eclipsed by the new fashionable breeds that appeared in the 20th century (Persians, Siamese, Munchkin…)
Lifespan and weight of the Maine Coon
Lifespan : Up to 16 years
Weight: 6 to 9 kilos

6. The Ragdoll

This is one of our favorites, these cats are too cute. This species with a beautiful coat is very friendly. We know little about its origins but it is a “young” breed.
Easy to educate, you just have to congratulate him by giving him rewards.
The Ragdoll enjoys spending time with his family, he will come to greet you when you get home and gets along well with dogs. He will get along even better with your dog if you have raised them together.
Lifespan and weight of the Ragdoll
Lifespan : from 10 to 17 years
Weight : 4 to 9 kilos

5. The Persian

It is one of the best known and most appreciated for its appearance. Its ancestor, the Angora, comes from Turkey. Indeed, the Persian is an “artificial” breed since it comes from a long selection practiced by man for 2 centuries.
Both gentle and reserved, it loves to cuddle and is looking for a faithful friend to take care of it. The Persian cat is a very lazy breed that enjoys taking long naps.
The Persian requires daily care and cannot survive without its owner. Therefore, if you want to get a Persian cat, you must be prepared to take care of it every day.
Lifespan and weight of the Persian
Lifespan: 10 to 17 years
Weight: 2.5 to 7 kilos

4. The Scottish fold

You were looking for the definition of a cute cat? You have it in front of you. Known all over the world, this breed of cat has the particularity of having folded ears!
The Scottish Fold is a friendly companion who enjoys hanging out with his family. In addition to being very cute and relatively calm, this species remains relatively rare and can be expensive quickly. Far from being aggressive, the Scottish Fold is a curious cat that loves to participate in family activities.
The advantage of the Scottish Fold is that it adapts to all environments and is a very docile breed.
Lifespan and weight of the Scottish
Lifespan: From 11 to 15 years
Weight: 3 to 6 kilos

3. The Siberian

You will surely have guessed it, this breed of cat finds its roots in Siberia. This breed appeared more than 1000 years ago around St. Petersburg is a mixture of wild cat and domestic cat.
Unlike the other species, the Siberian cat has a thicker skin and a denser fur.
This breed is a quiet force. Affectionate and sociable, it can even be a little too clingy at times. The Siberian cat purrs often and is both gentle and affectionate. It is a very active breed of cat, which loves to move and particularly loves to play with…water! In addition to that, by its affection the Siberian is always at your side to comfort you.
The Siberian is even considered to be a “cat-dog”: a cat that always remains faithful to its adoptive family.
Lifespan and weight of the Siberian
Lifespan: 15 to 20 years
Weight: 4 to 7 kilos

2. The Bengal

The Bengal is a unique breed of cat. With its wild blood, remarkable in particular for its fur, the Bengal is a “domestic tiger”, a mini version and a more docile version…!
This cat species is both very playful and very affectionate. With its sporty and graceful appearance, its profile is clearly different from the cats that we have presented previously. The Bengal has kept some characteristics of its wild aspect: It needs a lot of space for its well-being. Indeed, it does not support to be locked up in confined spaces.
Lifespan and weight of the Bengal
Lifespan : Up to 13 years
Weight: from 4 to 7 kilos

1. The Munchkin

On the dog side, we have the corgi. On the cat side, we have the Munchkin. The Munchkin is a breed of short-legged cats. It is not a natural breed. The Munchkin is the result of a crossbreeding that took place for the first time in 1983, in the United States.
Don’t be fooled, this cat is a normal size! Its only difference being its short legs. This breed of cat is very playful and, contrary to what people may think, very fast. In addition to being too cute, this cat is very sociable and gets along especially well with children.
Life span and weight of the Munchkin
Lifespan: 13 years on average
Weight: 2 to 4 kilos

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