The 10 cat accessories that are essential for your cat

By | December 19, 2022

If you wish to adopt a cat, you should know that you will need to equip yourself with various accessories for its well-being, comfort, balance, health and to satisfy its needs, including the most basic. Raising a cat is not possible without acquiring these essential items. Discover the 10 cat accessories that will be essential for your little velvet-legged friend.

  1. The food bowl

Your cat should have a food bowl, which should be kept separate from its water bowl. Choose two separate containers, as the ones that are close together tend to get the water dirty quickly.

You can buy a bowl in a store or use small plates or bowls. Choose them large enough so that your cat’s whiskers don’t touch the edges, which would be unpleasant. Choose stainless steel, glass or porcelain. Avoid plastic, which tends to pick up odors.

Remember to wash your cat’s bowl every day to prevent bacteria from growing in it.

  1. A water bowl or water fountain

If you choose a water bowl, keep it separate from the food bowl to avoid contamination. Choose a glass model or a small ceramic bowl. The water bowl should be washed daily and the water changed at least once a day.

If your cat is more picky, you can choose a water fountain, more fun. It keeps the water at the right temperature and allows you to offer your pet a drink at any time, especially for those who like to use the faucet!

  1. A carrier

To pick up your cat, bring it home and ensure all your travels in its company, the transport box is essential. It guarantees your pet’s safety, prevents it from moving around in the car when you’re driving or from escaping when you open the door.


You can choose a plastic crate, rigid and solid, which protects from shocks and is easy to clean. There are also small carrying bags, which are more aesthetically pleasing, but should be reserved for short trips.

  1. A comfortable bed

Install a sleeping place for your cat, a bassinet, a cushion, a basket or even a box! It’s important to give your cat a place of its own to rest, in a quiet, dimly lit area, away from air and traffic. Respect your cat’s privacy, he must be able to take refuge there without being disturbed as soon as he feels the need.

  1. A litter box

Your cat needs a litter box to do its business and stay clean. If you’re adopting a kitten, you’ll want to start with a low, open box so she can access it easily and feel safe. Later, or if you’re adopting an adult cat, a large, enclosed litter box with or without a door is best. This will respect the cat’s need for privacy and limit the diffusion of odors.

Choose a plastic model that is easy to clean. Remove soils daily and replace the litter regularly, taking care to wash the box thoroughly. There are several types of grain, sand, gravel, wood shavings, etc. Adapt the choice of litter to your cat to prevent him from relieving himself elsewhere.

Place the litter box in a quiet place, not too brightly lit, away from traffic and drafts. Cats are modest! And don’t make the mistake of placing its bowls close by, because it will do its business elsewhere, being a very clean animal. Indeed, you yourself would not eat in your toilet!

  1. A cat tree

This accessory is essential, especially for indoor cats. Whatever its size, it’s far from being a gadget! It’s made up of three important elements for your little friend: a scratching post to sharpen its claws, hiding places to play or take refuge in, and high beds, perfect for observing its environment. You can make your own cat tree!

  1. Toys

As a hunter at heart, cats need to play, have fun and chase prey. Choose a variety of games that stimulate his natural instincts and intellect. Leave some games available for your cat to play with when he’s alone, and offer other games when you’re playing with him. Vary the pleasures, colors and materials to avoid boredom! You can also make your own, but always be careful to avoid any danger, especially parts that can be swallowed.

  1. A brush or comb

Your cat will need to be brushed at least once a week, or twice a week during the fall and spring moulting seasons. Some breeds need daily brushing. Brushing removes dead hair, preventing your cat from swallowing it when licking and causing digestive problems. It also helps to care for his skin, tone his muscles, stimulate his blood circulation and detect the presence of any parasites. But it is also a moment of relaxation for your pet.

For a short-haired cat, prefer a brush or a grooming glove. If you have a long or medium-haired cat, a comb will be more effective in removing tangles.

  1. A claw trimmer

You’ll need to trim your cat’s nails regularly, more or less often depending on whether he lives indoors or has access to the outdoors. Never use nail clippers that are not adapted to your cat’s needs; you could injure him.

  1. A collar

A collar is an essential safety accessory for your cat. Not only does it indicate that your cat has been adopted, and not abandoned, but it also makes it easier for you to identify your pet if it is found by a stranger. You can write down your contact information or hang a tag with it engraved.

When choosing the model of collar, prefer a collar equipped with an anti-strangulation device for the safety of your cat.

Finally, in case of parasites, there is the flea collar, a practical two-in-one accessory!

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