Recommend of 50 cute and original kitty names

By | December 19, 2022

Name of a cat ! It’s annoying to give your little kitty a name that you hear on every street corner. Each little feline deserves a little distinction. So we try to pick up some ideas from the following list, which is rather focused on funny cat names. Originality is the order of the day. Here are more than 50 cat names that change a bit from pussycat and kitty, and some of them inevitably evoke famous cats.

How to name your Kitty?

It is not as easy as it seems if you want to opt for originality while ensuring that the name of the kitty sticks in every way with its personality or one of its physical characteristics. This name is usually given to him at birth. But we may have to look for a name for an abandoned or lost (and unidentified) adult cat that we take in if we don’t know the name his former owners gave him. In this case, it is necessary to “rename” the cat and to repeat the new name often so that the animal gets used to it.

As far as the type of name is concerned, it is clear that it is more pleasant to opt for the rarity associated with a note of humor. And there, the choice is vast, as shown by the list of funny names for cats from which owners in need of inspiration can pick.

To underline the intelligence of his cat… or to make fun of his stupidity, to emphasize his predisposition to greed, to be overweight or, for other small felines, to be mischievous, or even to insist on the nobility of his appearance, each master can find a funny and revealing name! Grouped by connotation, here are a good fifty cat names to choose from.

Calculating and thoughtful cat: Einstein, Eureka, Archimedes, Gogol,

Cat without roof or law: Cocaine, Hippie, Opium, Utopia, Smoke, Coke, Cannabis,

Greedy cat (a little coated): Kebab, Sumo, Haribo, Sushi, Bouboule, Popote, Quenelle, Ravioli, Dodu, Kinder, Kiafin,

Cuddly cat: Chamallow, Candy, Marshmallow, Plush, Doudou, Pitchou, Polisson, Papouille,

Slippery cat: Flagada, Pouf, Dodo, Sleeper,

Playful cat: Galipette, Polisson, Looping, Ouistiti, Toutatis, Lagaffe, Pirate, Poker, Pinocchio, Ouragan,

Biting or scratching cat: Cactus, Virus, Claw,

Sophisticated cat: Caviar, Princess, Ophelia, Duchess, Diva, Pharaoh, Fatal(e), Pasha, Orchid, Diamond, Emerald.

Of course, you can give your little companion the name of a famous character (small feline or not) such as:






















The masters who love travelling may be tempted by Ural, Orient, Oslo, Texas, Oxford, Paris, Sydney… even if these names are not very funny in this context.

Funny in any case are also the names that evoke seduction or underline the spirit of the pet owner. Don Juan and Casanova are impressive! But what about Clitoris, the name of the cat in the film “And tenderness? (1979) by Patrick Schulmann with, among others, Jean-Luc Bideau, Bernard Giraudeau, Evelyne Dress, Marie-Catherine Conti, Roland Giraud. This name is likely to make your friends laugh… but it is not necessary to give the exact definition to the little ones!

Cat’s name: each year has its own letter!

There is nothing to prevent you from being original and to put humor in the spotlight even if you absolutely want to respect this rule of one letter per year. Of course, the letters X, Y, Z as well as Q, W and even K are not retained because the names beginning with these initials are either too few or not easy to find.

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