Our advice for choosing the right cat tree

By | December 19, 2022

Throughout its life, your cat needs to do its claws, to file them. As much by necessity as by amusement. It allows him to evacuate his stress and his overflow of energy. The cat tree is an essential accessory for the good development and the blooming of your cat. It is still necessary to know how to choose it and to opt for the good one. We advise you.

A cat tree is mandatory if your cat lives exclusively indoors. Even if your cat has an outdoor area, a cat tree is still an essential accessory. It will keep your cat alert from a very young age. It also delimits its territory. It offers him the possibility to climb on it, to dominate his environment and to feel safe. It offers him a plethora of exercises to do. In short, a cat tree makes its owner happy.

The usefulness of a cat tree

It’s a great playground, a great place to relax as well, and a great scratching post. The cat tree is a sort of improved scratching post, taking its original features and adding its own. It’s a more expensive accessory than a simple scratching post, but one that your cat will use for the rest of its life.

How to choose a cat tree?

There are several criteria for choosing the right cat tree, the one that will best suit your pet.

  • The size of your cat. If you have a kitten, it is not necessary to have a very large cat tree. There are smaller ones that will fit your cat well before he or she grows into an adult. What’s more, an older cat doesn’t need to climb two meters above the ground. He won’t have the strength anyway. In this case, choose a tree that is less than one meter high.
  • The number of cats in your home. A cat tree has bunks. You need at least one for each cat living in your home. Sometimes it’s necessary to invest in 2 cat trees if you have too many cats.
  • One of the principles of a cat tree is to give your feline the luxury of clawing. Therefore, your cat tree should not give up the ghost after a few sessions. It should be resistant, solid and not deteriorate too quickly.
  • Depending on your cat’s habits. Your cat may be agile, flexible, light and therefore benefit from a fairly high cat tree. On the other hand, if your cat is more of a couch potato and slightly overweight, it will not benefit from a high cat tree. Your cat will also be less likely to entertain himself, so don’t put too many platforms on the tree. Some cats, perhaps yours, like to climb and dominate their environment. In this case, don’t hesitate to multiply the platforms and levels.

Where to put it?

The cat tree should be located in a strategic place. It should not be put aside in a room, or in a corner. Your cat should not be isolated while climbing the tree. On the other hand, choose the main room of your home. Your cat will deposit its pheromones there, it will mark its territory, but it will be used to your repeated passages in front of what it considers as its place.

What’s more, avoid placing the cat tree in a dark place. Try to place it near a window in daylight. Your cat will appreciate this as it will be able to observe what’s going on outside.

In any case, avoid placing it next to a piece of furniture or a dresser that you particularly care about. Your cat may take this object as part of his cat tree and claw at it.

Bottom line

The cat tree should be chosen based on your cat’s size, habits, activity level and body type. There are cat trees that are less than one meter, more than one meter and even some that are more than 2 meters. Observe your cat’s habits before rushing out to buy one. Remember, it will have to meet his needs.

In addition, you’ll need to find a suitable location for it, usually in the main room of your home and next to a natural light source, such as a window.

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