How to take care of a kitten

By | December 19, 2022

Today we will see how to take care of a kitten. Yes, we are now in the period of births and adoptions of kittens! And I receive a lot of messages from people who tell me “I’m helpless, I’m afraid to do the wrong thing, I’m afraid that my kitten will be bored, that he won’t be happy… What is taking care of a kitten? What should I do, what should I think about?!”

To take care of a kitten, it is what?

So we’re going to see the essential things to keep in mind when adopting a kitten!

A stimulating environment for the kitten

The most important thing to take care of a kitten is to offer your kitten an environment that is stimulating. And by the way, whether it’s a kitten or an adult cat! The baby cat must be able to explore, climb, play, look out the window, in short! The kitten is discovering life, and everything is new for him!

It is also essential that this environment meets the real needs of the kitten (and not yours !). And yes, it is really necessary that he can exercise all his instincts of small feline.

Being there for the kitten

Then, taking care of a kitten also means being present. You must keep in mind that your kitten will need to get to know its new humans. It will need warmth, to play with someone. Of course, if you have two kittens they will play together, but there will still be this need for interaction with his new human.

This little kitten has just arrived… He was with his mom, his brothers and sisters, maybe other cats, in another environment. And all of a sudden, poof, he arrives at your place! He doesn’t know anything. This is why the kitten sometimes needs time. And even though it is common for the kitten to hide under the couch, it still needs to feel that life around it. This presence will help him to understand more quickly how this new environment works!

However, be careful, it doesn’t mean that you have to carry him all the time or give him kisses! Being too much on your cat’s back will never be beneficial for his inner balance.

Hydrate and feed the kitten

It will probably seem stupid to you, but it is my duty (yes yes!) to remind it. Taking good care of a kitten means making sure it always has fresh water and kibble available.

Always choose quality kibble that is adapted to her needs! There are kibbles for all phases of his life, including for the kitten who has just been operated on. For example, you can start with Royal Canin’s babycat kibbles, until 4 months. Then Kitten, and then, at 6 months, you can switch to kitten sterilised if he has been neutered (even if he has been operated at 3 months, as it is often the case with breeding kittens (and this is not a worry !).

Take care of the kitten’s health

In the continuity of the previous point, taking care of a kitten is of course also taking care of his health! First of all, a quality food will really contribute to his good shape. Then, it will be necessary to take care (without stressing non-stop for all that) that he does not suffer. If you have the slightest doubt about his condition, if you think he is in pain, go to the vet!

Among the veterinary care, we will find vaccines, deworming and anti flea treatments. Whether or not you vaccinate your kitten, I would always recommend going to the vet at least once a year for a little check-up.

Dealing with the unexpected with a kitten

You must keep in mind that a kitten can be more fragile. And if he has to go to the vet, you may have to take a few days off to take care of him, give him his treatment, or get a catsitter to do it. These are unforeseen events that you must be prepared for.

Knowing your kitten’s real needs

I talked earlier about the importance of providing a stimulating environment for your kitten, and especially one that is adapted to her needs (and not yours). In fact, the more you really know the deep nature of your little feline, the more you will be able to offer him the best, and not have any behavioral problems with him.

To go further and understand everything about your kitten, I invite you to discover my online program: “The life of my dreams with my kitten”. I will give you all the keys: before adopting, during the preparations, until the D-day… All the mistakes not to make. Who is your kitten ! With this you will be sure to live a golden relationship with him, and to have a kitten well in his paws !

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