How to choose a good wet food for my cat?

By | December 19, 2022

Because it is rich in water, wet food meets your companion’s needs in a very complete way, but you must make sure that the ingredients that make it up respect its carnivorous nature and provide it with everything necessary for its balance and well-being.

Despite its domestication by man, the cat has not changed its basic diet and therefore remains a strict carnivore feeding in the wild on small prey (rodents, birds and even insects). At home, his diet must therefore reproduce the nutritional intake he normally finds in the wild.

The benefits of wet food and bi-nutrition

Rich in proteins, this diet must also be composed, like the animals they eat, of a minimum of 70% water. However, kibbles only contain an average of 10% and if your cat likes to take water from his bowl, he may not be getting enough water, which can affect his urinary and renal health. Alternating with dry food, pâté, minced food, mousses, terrines and other bite-sized foods are therefore an excellent way to ensure a good water balance. A varied and mixed diet will also help control weight.

The balance of kibble and wet food and the rations depend on both the weight of your pet and his lifestyle (whether he goes out or stays indoors, whether he is more active than sedentary). For a cat weighing 4kg, it is recommended to serve between 2 and 3 bags per day, spread over 2 meals and to leave a bowl of kibble available for your cat to nibble on during the day and night.

The ideal composition

To provide everything your cat needs, in addition to hydration, a wet food, whatever its form, must be rich in quality animal proteins and low in carbohydrates in order to be as close as possible to your cat’s eating behavior and natural preferences.

Be careful, it is not because wet food contributes to your pet’s water balance that it replaces water. Your cat should always have clean, fresh water available in one or more places in the home.

How to choose the right food?

To offer the best to your pet, it is essential to check the ingredients and the analytical composition of the wet food you wish to serve him. The moisture content should ideally be at least 70% and the crude protein content 9%, but the carbohydrate content should be low as well as the crude ash content.

Available in four flavors (tuna, cod, salmon and lamb), IAMS Naturally brand wet foods in sauce are not only made from a selection of healthy, natural, highly digestible and traceable ingredients (North Atlantic salmon, New Zealand lamb…) but their analytical constituents correspond to those of the other brands. ) but their analytical constituents also correspond to these nutritional criteria with a moisture content of 79.3%, a crude protein content of 9.3%, a crude fat content of 5.1% and a crude ash content of 1.8%.

Respecting at best the carnivorous nature of the cat, these foods in sauce contain high quality animal proteins as well as vitamin E, to support its natural defenses, and essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 for a beautiful coat and a healthy skin. They will make your cat’s taste buds happy while helping him stay healthy.

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