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How to choose a good wet food for my cat?

Because it is rich in water, wet food meets your companion’s needs in a very complete way, but you must make sure that the ingredients that make it up respect its carnivorous nature and provide it with everything necessary for its balance and well-being. Despite its domestication by man, the cat has not changed its… Read More »

A kitten, it’s cute, but it needs education

The cat or  kitten is an independent animal. And educating her can be ambitious. In any case, you’ll never make her as docile a companion as a dog. But you can still teach your cat a number of life habits so that everyone can find their place in the home. Teaching your cat to use… Read More »

Top 10 most cuddly and affectionate kitty breeds

When the time comes to adopt a cat, many families are hesitant about the choice of breed. Getting a docile cat that doesn’t mind being pampered is very welcome, especially when you have young children. And in this area, not all cats are equal. It’s best to learn about the characteristics of the different breeds… Read More »

48 cute names for male kitties

If you’re bringing home a new cat or kitten, your to-do list can seem endless. So we’ve made things a little easier and rounded up some of the cutest and most unique male cat names from pop culture, travel, and more. Now the only question that remains is: does your cat actually pay attention to… Read More »

Female kitten names: from the cutest to the most original

You are about to adopt a cat and you are looking for a name? You are at the right place! In this article we offer you the best names, from the cutest to the most original! Read about them! TOP 15 CUTE FEMALE CAT NAMES  1.  Cuddly 2. Chipie 3. Chouinette 4. Choupinette 5. Coquine… Read More »

The 10 cutest kitty breeds in the world. You won’t be able to adopt them all!

How many cat breeds can you name? At Coeur Coeur, the maximum was 10. Unlike dogs, we tend to divide cats into two categories: alley cats and pedigree cats. However, there are more than 60 species of cats in USa alone and this number is constantly evolving! Of course, each breed has its own characteristics… Read More »