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Tips for taking in a stray or abandoned cat

The vacations have begun for some, others are waiting impatiently for them… This time of the year which brings us so much joy, relaxation and pleasure takes on a whole new meaning for our animal friends. Indeed, as the summer season approaches, there is a peak in the number of abandoned animals, despite the many… Read More »

Cat birthday cake recipe

Your cat’s birthday has become an important event to remember! To mark the occasion, the owner can prepare a birthday cake for his cat. The ingredients 1 shrimp 1 tablespoon of tuna 1 egg 2 tablespoons of special cat milk 100 g flour 1 tsp salmon oil Liquid treat dough Small treats The material 1… Read More »

How to take care of a kitten

Today we will see how to take care of a kitten. Yes, we are now in the period of births and adoptions of kittens! And I receive a lot of messages from people who tell me “I’m helpless, I’m afraid to do the wrong thing, I’m afraid that my kitten will be bored, that he… Read More »

Can I give my cat treats?

Give your cat treats, but in moderation. Don’t get her used to begging, avoid fatty pieces of fish and meat, and choose cat-specific treats that take care of her teeth and mouth. Give your cat treats to reward her Treats are essential to your cat’s development …. They’re an important part of the fun you… Read More »

5 tips for potty training a kitten

If the kitten learns to be clean from his mother during the first weeks of his life, it is not rare that the hairball lets himself go in the 4 corners of the house rather than in his litter box when he arrives in his new family. So how do you teach your cat to… Read More »