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Tips for taking in a stray or abandoned cat

The vacations have begun for some, others are waiting impatiently for them… This time of the year which brings us so much joy, relaxation and pleasure takes on a whole new meaning for our animal friends. Indeed, as the summer season approaches, there is a peak in the number of abandoned animals, despite the many… Read More »

How to make a heated outdoor cat house

Have you noticed how your cat prefers the hood of your car as a place to sit once the engine is running, even in cold weather? Cats are attracted to warm surfaces. You already have an outdoor cat house for the nice weather, one that is insulated against wind and raised above the ground or… Read More »

All about cat food dispensers

What are cat food dispensers for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cat food dispenser? Which model to choose? Cats are born nibblers, your cat can eat up to twenty times a day in small quantities. Even though your cat’s metabolism can adapt to the habit of feeding him in two or three… Read More »

Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The self-cleaning litter box is a real revolution invented for cat owners: no more need to use the scoop to pick up your pet’s waste. Thanks to the self-cleaning system, the soiled litter is removed effortlessly, saving you time. Self-cleaning cat litter box: how does it work? There are two types of self-cleaning litter boxes:… Read More »

Cat birthday cake recipe

Your cat’s birthday has become an important event to remember! To mark the occasion, the owner can prepare a birthday cake for his cat. The ingredients 1 shrimp 1 tablespoon of tuna 1 egg 2 tablespoons of special cat milk 100 g flour 1 tsp salmon oil Liquid treat dough Small treats The material 1… Read More »

How to feed your indoor cat ?

If they let their instinct express itself, our domestic cats are still predators. However, there are a number of reasons why we keep our cats exclusively indoors. Not having a yard can be one of the first reasons. People who live on busy streets should obviously keep their cats out of harm’s way when they… Read More »

The 10 cat accessories that are essential for your cat

If you wish to adopt a cat, you should know that you will need to equip yourself with various accessories for its well-being, comfort, balance, health and to satisfy its needs, including the most basic. Raising a cat is not possible without acquiring these essential items. Discover the 10 cat accessories that will be essential… Read More »

Our advice for choosing the right cat tree

Throughout its life, your cat needs to do its claws, to file them. As much by necessity as by amusement. It allows him to evacuate his stress and his overflow of energy. The cat tree is an essential accessory for the good development and the blooming of your cat. It is still necessary to know… Read More »

How to choose a good wet food for my cat?

Because it is rich in water, wet food meets your companion’s needs in a very complete way, but you must make sure that the ingredients that make it up respect its carnivorous nature and provide it with everything necessary for its balance and well-being. Despite its domestication by man, the cat has not changed its… Read More »

How to take care of a kitten

Today we will see how to take care of a kitten. Yes, we are now in the period of births and adoptions of kittens! And I receive a lot of messages from people who tell me “I’m helpless, I’m afraid to do the wrong thing, I’m afraid that my kitten will be bored, that he… Read More »