All about cat food dispensers

By | December 19, 2022

What are cat food dispensers for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cat food dispenser? Which model to choose?

Cats are born nibblers, your cat can eat up to twenty times a day in small quantities. Even though your cat’s metabolism can adapt to the habit of feeding him in two or three meals, it is better to respect his nature by giving him several small meals. This is why kibble dispensers can be very practical.

Why choose a cat food dispenser?

In order to respect your cat’s metabolism, we recommend that all owners of domestic felines feed them in about ten small meals throughout the day. However, this way of operating can quickly become restrictive when you have to go away to work.

The feeders will allow your cat to continue to eat in your absence, no more reason to be satisfied with 2 meals a day! Moreover, for an absence of several days, it is very advantageous for your cat to be able to eat to its hunger. Of course it is preferable to be able to keep it, especially for a long period.

The cat food dispenser is not only beneficial for your pet, it also benefits you who will no longer have to worry about feeding your cat in the morning before leaving for work when you are late! The capacity of this accessory is sufficient to last several days without having to refill it.

If you’re worried that your cat might be a bit too greedy to eat the large amount of kibble in the dispenser, don’t worry, there are many automatic and programmable models.

Which cat food dispensers should I choose?


The manual dispenser

This is the simplest model, the first of the name. It consists of a reservoir of kibble to be filled which opens onto a feeder in which the cat can come and help itself. The food is delivered as the feeder empties, so it is not possible to control the amount ingested by the animal. This very basic model can be found in pet shops or supermarkets for a very low price.

This type of feeder may be suitable for a cat who knows how to be rational and eat to his hunger, for gluttons or those who are overweight it would be wiser to opt for a mechanical model.


The programmable cat food dispenser

Automatic (or programmable) feeders are the best investment you can make for your pet! Just fill the reservoir, program the number of meals to feed your cat and you’re done. It’s quick and easy, so you can go away without fear of your cat going hungry. For a cat whose diet needs to be controlled, it is also a beneficial accessory to prevent him from eating too much.

Some of the more sophisticated feeders even allow you to choose the amount of kibble delivered or even record your voice to invite your cat to come and eat! This is a great option for an anxious cat that can’t stand to be away.

The most affordable cat food dispensers start at around 50dollars. They include functions for programming 3 meals a day. For the most expensive models, you will have to pay at least 70dollars and up to 100dollars for the models with the most options.

Compartment feeders

Cat food dispensers with compartments are very practical for delivering the right amount of food at different times of the day. Each compartment opens one after the other at the programmed times to let the cat come and eat. If your cat is accustomed to eating a variety of meals that include wet food, this is the best option for you because each compartment is airtight and keeps the food contained.

Some of these feeders can hold up to 9 meals, which is ideal when you want to make sure your cat can nibble throughout the day. But it’s also very convenient when you’re away for several days.

Compartment feeders cost on average 45dollars to 55dollars and offer a minimum of three programmable meals.

Combined dispensers

Very practical to save space, some food dispensers also include a water dispenser. This model is ideal when you don’t have the space to buy a water fountain or a drinking fountain and allows the cat to have fresh water all day long. Of course, stagnant water is not good for the animal and should be changed at the end of the day if it has not drunk everything.

Electronic sensor feeders

If you have several cats with different diets, or a dog that might come and chew on Felix’s kibble, electronic sensor feeders will make your life easier. Only pets with a microchip or a tag registered in the dispenser will be able to access the food. This allows you to control who has access to the bowl and who eats what!

This model is rather expensive since it costs an average of one hundred dollars.

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