7 tips for choosing a cat litter box worth spending money on

By | December 19, 2022

After hours of scouring the internet, pet stores and visiting shelters, you’ve finally found your new feline friend. What’s the next step in making sure your new pet is comfortable and happy in its new home? Well, that would certainly include purchasing your cat’s new toilet.

Cat litter boxes are available in many sizes and shapes, so at least one will work best for your cat. When purchasing a cat litter box, a pet owner’s main goal should be to buy the one that best suits their cat’s needs. This means having an understanding of what your cat likes and needs, with reference to its grooming habits.

Below are 7 of our top tips

    How many litter boxes are needed in your house.

Unfortunately, when buying cat litter boxes, it’s usually not about getting one, but testing a few. For example, whether they prefer an open or hooded toilet. But also see where your cat prefers to use their litter box. It is important to provide as many litter boxes, in the most desirable locations, as your cat will need.

The general rule is that if you have a cat, you should have at least two litter boxes for him to use. It is definitely worth spending money on multiple cat litter boxes, as this will help reduce the possibility of your cat developing problems and potty training issues.

    Choose a large enough litter box

Although it may seem obvious, the size of your cat’s litter box is really important, you need to choose a litter box that is large enough for your cat to fit comfortably. This can sometimes mean spending more money on your cat’s litter box, but it’s definitely an investment worth making.

If cats feel comfortable in their environment, they will use the litter box to go to the bathroom because they like it.

Your cat’s litter box should be as long as your cat is in length and as wide as your cat is in length, this is a minimum requirement that should not result in a high price. However, when considering the size of your litter box, it is important to take into account your cat’s grooming habits.


    Choose a litter box that fits your cat’s grooming habits

Make sure you spend your money on a litter box that fits your cat’s grooming habits, without knowing it, any litter box you buy could be a waste. Some cats are kickers or sprays, which means they always move the cat litter box before or after going to the bathroom. This means you should get a litter box with higher sides, this will prevent spills. Some cats also prefer to use a portable litter box, this is due to their size and because they can be inserted into smaller spaces, making it a safer and therefore favorable place for your cat to use the toilet.

If you have an older cat, it is important to purchase a litter box with easy access to mobility and not install them in higher areas around your home. Some litter boxes include steps and easy access openings to better accommodate older cats and those with limited mobility.


    Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

As everyone tries to find quick and easy solutions to cleaning up messy litter boxes, a self-cleaning cat litter box might be the answer to all your prayers. However, there are some mixed reviews, although it may seem like a quick and easy solution, but with a higher price tag. There are many variations of self-cleaning litter boxes, the more technical they are, the more retail they are. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the money, but if you have a cat that is trained and you are present enough to make sure his trays are clean, this may not be the best route for you.

If you own several cats or are away from home for long periods at a time, this could be a saving grace. This option is also good for cats that need a fresh tray every time they want to use the bathroom.Basically, the benefits of having a self-cleaning litter box are tailored to the needs of you and your cat. It could be a great investment, or a total waste of money, all in all, it’s important to know what your cat needs and whether those needs are met with a self-cleaning litter box.


    Decide on your budget

Once you’ve determined your cat’s grooming habits, it’s important to determine your budget to meet his or her needs. As mentioned earlier, there are many different habits for each cat, but ultimately, you need to make sure that you have chosen the best one for them and within your budget.


Self-cleaning litter trays will cost you between £100 and £500 depending on the specification. Standard cat litter boxes can be as cheap as £5, but with the difference in requirements, such as higher sides and fully covered litter boxes, this price can increase. To avoid overspending you should set a budget before you buy one and stick to it, there are many retailers who will be able to provide you with the right product, just store around.


    Choosing the right litter for your cat

In some cases, the problem is not the litter box itself, but the cat litter that is used in the litter box. Cats are known to prefer a specific type of litter, and this will influence their grooming habits. This means that sometimes it’s not even the cat litter box, but the cat litter itself. It is important to test different types of cat litter before buying a new litter box if your cat doesn’t like its current litter, it will help you save money and give your cat the environment it needs to go to the bathroom comfortably.


    Litter Box Attraction

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and still have no luck with your cat’s litter box in your home, it may be time to try using a litter box attractant. This could save you a lot of time and money in the long run and reinforce your cat’s training behavior until this is the normal process for him. This should not be used as a first port of call, but as a useful adjunct to training and alignment with your cat’s needs.


The most important way to reduce the expense of cat litter is to find out what your cat likes and where she would like to go to the bathroom. You can only find this out through trial and error; it’s more beneficial for you as an owner to try the cheaper alternatives before spending a lot of money on high-end litter boxes. Take the time to figure out what your cat needs to feel comfortable going to the bathroom and be sure to reward her when she does.

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