5 tips for choosing a cat carrier

By | December 19, 2022

The cat basket is a useful accessory for several reasons. Among other things, it ensures the durability of your sofas, since your cat will no longer sleep on them. In this regard, it should be noted that cats are great sleepers. In fact, on average, they spend nearly 15 hours a day sleeping in order to hunt better at night and they particularly appreciate the comfort that sofas offer. However, when they sleep on them, they leave hairs that make cleaning more difficult. Fortunately, with a basket, you can solve this problem. But how do you choose the right one? Here are 5 valuable tips to guide you.

Think comfort

You like a cozy, comfortable mattress. The same goes for your cat. You want your cat to be totally comfortable in the cat carrier you choose. Therefore, comfort is an important criterion when choosing a cat carrier. Also, a quilted basket or one with a velvet plaid will do your feline a lot of good. Better yet, you can also opt for a well-padded cat bed to allow your cat to relax in.

Choosing based on your cat’s size

Size is one of the first things to consider when choosing a cat carrier for your pet. A small, tightly packed basket would be uncomfortable for the user. But on the other hand, a model that is too big will not attract your pet, as it likes places where it can snuggle up, like when it rubs against your legs before sleeping. We recommend that you choose a model that is adapted to his size.


Opt for a secure cat carrier

Make sure you know where your cat feels most comfortable and safe. If she likes to curl up in a corner of the house, out of sight, consider an enclosed bed or a semi-enclosed igloo-like model. On the other hand, if he likes to spread out on stalls or high landings, then offer him a hammock or a wall shelf.


Choose a clean, easy-to-clean basket

Cats are very hygienic, they like to be clean. In fact, they never stop licking their hair to clean it. It is therefore important that the basket or bed you offer your cat be of optimal cleanliness. In fact, it’s best if it’s washable, or if it’s made of easy-to-clean fabric.

In case of infestation, you can treat the diaper with an insecticide or flea repellent or simply contact a veterinarian so that he or she can advise you on which products to use.

Consider the material

Cats can’t help but sharpen their claws against walls. If you choose a cat carrier that is too fragile, it won’t last. What you need is a cat carrier that will withstand shocks. Also, consider a handy cat carrier for those times when you want to take your cat on a trip.

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